Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Into. Stefanescu D. Handbook of Force lications 2 2020. TURN UP THE HEAT WITH SPONTANEOUS THRILLS Experience more passion and pleasure in your sex life by discovering the excitement of an anytime, anywhere quickie! This steamy book features everything you need to know for fast, fun, sexy encounters, including: Speedy arousal techniques Hot new positions to try Quick and Dirty ways to remove clothes Naughty location suggestions And so much more! Hot and Fast  is the ultimate guide for getting the most out of every quickie, no matter how much time you have.


Modern Construction Handbook, 3rd Edition. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf 3, 5 von 5 Sternen 6 Rezensionen 1, 0 von 5 Sternen One Star 29. August 2017 - Veröffentlicht auf Verifizierter Kauf worst book ever. Do not waste your money. 4, 0 von 5 Sternen Educational, Eye opening, and Honest! 27. September 2012 - Veröffentlicht auf Hot and Fast is a great little book that is the perfect blend of anatomy, psychology, and straight up sex talk. If you are trying to add a little bit of spice to your sex life, I think this book will really come in handy. Ms. Andelloux starts out by discussing exactly what a quickie I found it interesting that she mentions that quickies do not always end in an orgasm for anybody! Interesting concept. A quickie could just be to tease your partner and leave them frustrated and looking forward to your next rendezvous! She includes tips on a few things you can add in to your quickie to make it more exciting. There is a rather extensive look at parts of the brain that govern sexual pleasure, how orgasms work, and a step by step map of the human sexual anatomy. If you are at all timid or do not like straight out sexual talk, you might be a bit uncomfortable with this book. The author is blunt and includes mention of many sexual activities that you may or may not feel comfortable with. She stresses that whatever you and your partner do (or you do alone! ) that you both enjoy is perfectly fine.... whether society says it is or not. While there is plenty here to learn for the average vanilla sexual relationship, she also has some good information for those that enjoy a little bit more kink in the bedroom. There are sections in the book that are meant to be used with your partner. There is a handy checklist of activities and a `yes, no maybe' scorecard. Both of you fill it out and see where your interests overlap. The author then dives into positions and locations. This is not a Kama Sutra handbook of 8001 positions with step by step instructions. Just a few basic suggestions. The suggested quickie locations get a little bit more detailed... location, supplies, considerations, and potential hazards. Yes, hazards... I thought that was interesting to note! (things like watching out for falling shelves or accidental drowning in a pool) Honestly, there were places in this book that I laughed out loud and other sections that I had to go "Uh, really? " in slight awe and confusion. The writing style is lighthearted and amusing and the author brings you a ton of information in a way that is enjoyable to read. Disclaimer: I was provided with one copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. 3 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich 5, 0 von 5 Sternen As Fun To Read As The Romps It Inspires! 1. Dezember 2012 - Veröffentlicht auf Megan Andelloux's Hot and Fast: Sexy, Spontaneous Quickies for Passionate Orgasms is a must read for all couples with limited intimate time and in this busy world, and who doesn't need that? Finally a quick and easy how-to for Making It with yourself and others! Using humor, specific suggestions and accurate information applicable in our modern age, Andelloux takes us on an exciting journey through the world of the Quickie. Throughout Hot and Fast, Andelloux "demonstrates that the whole wide world is basically a sexual play space" with play being the most important word! (p. 61) Not only does Andelloux de-mystify the orgasm but there is so much more! Through enthusiastic encouragement, Hot and Fast includes the importance of communication and self pleasure, an incredibly concise breakdown of anatomical parts and functioning, how to prep for sex anytime and anywhere, taking the performance angle out of your agenda and new ways of looking at sex. Coining the term "Pizza Sex", which is sloppy, fast, messy and hot, Andelloux helps the reader understand the satisfaction attainable through learning what you want and how to ask for it so that you may incorporate sexuality into every part of your existence. I love the helpful worksheets and exercises covering Sexy Time Activities, Getting Verbal and Fantasies that will aid you in discovering what turns you on. In this manner, you are better equipped to COMMUNICATE with your partner(s). The shopping guide is a fabulous addition - whether it's for a trip to your local Mega-Store or online sex toy supplier, there are a multitude of suggestions that will make Sexy Time convenient. You certainly won't look at a hardware or grocery store the same. The resources section at the end of Hot and Fast is a must have, in and of it's self. With key emphasis on the import of the brain and always keeping yourself primed for a fun sexplosion anywhere, Andelloux walks the reader through many options for where and how to partake of the potential excitement in and out of your pants. There is a massive section on different places in and beyond your home to have quickies. Included are the pros, cons and even what you might need as far as accessories or emotional states of mind for each suggested locale. As Andelloux states in the very first chapter, "Take hold of what this book is really about: seizing the sexual moments in your life, grabbing what you can in your busy lifestyle, and recognizing that the potential for pleasure is all around you. " (p. 17) Definitely words to live by! Reading this book is almost as much fun as the delicious romps it has and will continue to inspire. Fun AND Informative Resource 6. Oktober 2012 - Veröffentlicht auf Last weekend, I was very excited about receiving a signed copy of "Hot and Fast, " written by my friend and colleague, Megan Andelloux. Andelloux is an AASECT-certified sexuality educator and the executive director of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Rhode Island. I have to admit: this is not my usual kind of reading! It is most definitely saucy. (Did I just date myself by using the word "saucy"??!! ) But what I love about Andelloux's book is how the TRUE educator comes through. Each clever (sometimes ingenious) "quickie" idea is followed by a place for the reader to self-assess. (And the nonjudgmental author smartly leaves room for the reader to say any given quickie is not for them. ) There is a sea of books on the market with 101 365 But few of them are written by a person with the depth of knowledge Andelloux brings to the subject. So here's to a positive, fun read by an informed author. Check it out! 2 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich Interesting and a quick read for a quickie! 12. November 2012 - Veröffentlicht auf Hot and Fast is an interesting book with tips for having a quickie! Very useful especially with everyone having busy schedules, work, school, kids... Also a very educational book that gives a quick run down of anatomically correct body parts of both male and female, as well as encourages the reader to be courageous, bold, and adventurous with sex. I especially enjoyed the suggestions for places to have sex (including around the house, outside, etc. ) and to just have fun with sex! it shouldn't be a chore! The very end of the book comes with resources for toys, websites, and more... very useful! A quick read and easy to reference if needed.

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