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Glock Armorer'S Manual



"If your character has guns, they stomp the Xenomorph. Probably the most common claim whenever you throw a Xenomorph against anything. When Aliens hit, all people saw was triggers being pulled and monsters getting killed. Despite all that, the official Colonial Marines Technical Manual discusses the armor piercing, explosive, 10x24mm caseless, steel-jacketed rounds that the Pulse Rifle fires. The Smart Guns have the same modifications, but bigger drums, faster rate of fire and literally bigger bullets at 10x28mm. Needless to say, pretty big bullets, and I really doubt the relatively dinky 80s civilian rifles and shotguns are really going to do all that much to a Xenomorph when they already have canonically taken two of them at point blank with no acid damage anywhere to indicate the shotgun blasts even hurt the damn thing. I know about "that scene" where Vasquez sticks her pistol right up to the thing and blows its brains out (which it might have actually survived given its crawling away here and Vasquez is still shooting at it) but it literally doesn't matter when Gorman tries the same thing at a slightly longer range here and the bullets just ricochet off its head. Obviously, no, if your character has guns, they could range from successfully killing it to doing nothing at all. John Wick with a Glock 9 is not going to be shooting one to death with said Glock. "Xenomorphs are weak to fire. I already made a rant about this. They have never been killed by flamethrowers. They have better feats of not taking much damage, if at all, from extreme heat. After experiencing a thermal shock of 6200 degrees Fahrenheit, Big Chap's body is still intact. The Prototype Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant walks through a rocket thruster and screams but manages to keep going just fine. We know it is thermal shock - not temperature - that the creatures are weak to, because of how the Runner/ Dragon" died in Alien 3. At most, they are sometimes afraid of fire. The Xenomorph flees from the flamethrower in Alien: Isolation, but doesn't flee from fire in other parts of the game. That's pretty much all there is to the whole "fire" thing. They aren't weak to it, they've never been killed by it and most of this just comes from AvP nerfs and video games instead of canon anti-feats. "Xenomorphs are weak to cold. This was a new one I saw today. Unlike the fire weakness, there actually is a scene you could use to support this claim. In Alien: Resurrection, there's a scene where a scientist uses liquid nitrogen to control a Xenomorph, the "Lead Alien. But, I have my doubts about this. For one, we've had a similar scene like this at the Alien where Big Chap is blasted by steam and has a similar reaction to the Lead Alien in Resurrection. Both were surprised at first, but were fine seconds after and more pissed than afraid for their life. On the other hand, the Xenomorphs are famously capable of surviving without any form of protection in deep space. However, I'm not so sure if this is as great a claim as it used to be as far as resistance to cold goes. There is no thermal conductivity in deep-space, so the Xenomorph isn't rapidly cooling down while out there. Still, I doubt cold is a particular weakness. There's only one scene supporting it and it's pretty easily debunked with an analogous example. "The Xenomorphs are only good at stealth and never in up-front confrontations. Making the sort of mountains that this subreddit used to argue over out of a really tiny molehill. Xenomorphs have been pretty upfront in a lot of their encounters in canon. They do use ambushes and stealth in some situations, but they've never heavily depended on it. They hide and ambush about as much as your standard horror monster/serial killer does. Like the "fire weakness. the whole "Xenomorphs need stealth" comes from AvP's role reversal. In canon, the Aliens have been more forceful and brutish while the Predators have been literal invisible killers. This got changed around in AvP for "reasons" and so now everyone sees the Xenomorphs as these ninja monsters when, at most, they've used stealth to get close more often than actually surprise attack people. Not that they haven't surprise attacked people, but a lot of their feats come from direct confrontations. Ragdolling this man and then carrying him into a vent with one hand without losing mobility, whipping Parker and sending him flying, aforementioned durability feats, aim dodging at a close range, a resistance to crude explosives, the list goes on. Stealth isn't their only weapon and they don't really need it as much as r/whowouldwin seems to think they do. "Xenomorph Drones have no sense of self-preservation. They just care about setting up a Hive. Completely, totally untrue. You have to ignore the entire first film, the whole "they fear fire. shtick, and other behaviors in Alien: Isolation, while also focusing on the Warriors as the intellectual standard for the Aliens when they are far and away among the dumbest the Xenomorphs have ever been, and perhaps believing that AvP is canon, in order to believe this claim. I'm also going to throw in that this was made in reference to a single Alien. One. If it truly only cared about setting up a Hive, it would logically have a great sense of self-preservation so it can even accomplish that task. Really just a very, very foolish claim. I think that's about it from what I saw. I know Xenomorphs aren't exactly "high tier. but the blatant misinformation that goes around about them makes me cringe everytime I see them on r/whowouldwin. You always get users with hundreds of upvotes saying blatantly false things. I haven't visited WWW in a while. Is this the standard now.


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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual DSM 5 by APA. Was updated on 17 Feb 2020 11:39 PM PDT. The Resume and Cover Letter Phrase Book - What to Write to Get t. The World's Best Spicy Food Authentic recipes from around the wo. Basically i'm gonna copy and paste an idea I had a long time ago for season 5. yeah. YEAR 5: Colombia AFUER: Operation Cielo Caido- abandoned prison Pakistan SSG: Operation Oasis -Bolan pas. Australia SASR: Operation HellGate- Opera house Uruguay AFOU: Operation Leviathan- Colonia del Sacramento OPERATION CIELO CAIDO Briefing: In a broken down prison, terrorists have taken/set up hostages/bombs are threatening to assassinate/detonate them if we don't give them millions. We are going to send you in to take them out and save the hostage/the city. But wait. You're not going in alone. We're sending in AFUER, Colombia's elite forces, to go along with you. Real name: Daniel De La Cruz Codename: prodigio Sex: Male Nationality: Venezuela 3 speed 1 armor AFUER Attack Weapons: Primary: Barret M28A1, Armsel striker shotgun, Secondary: Optima. 50 Cal Black Powder, Cop. 357, Gadget: Breaching charge, Smoke Grenade. Special ability: taser, a custom made stun gun which can electrocute reinforced walls and hatchets, castle barricades, or enemies themselves. The taser has 6 shots, each doing 15 damage. This taser has the special ability to overload most defender gadgets, which can cause the gadget to explode on the defenders. Looks: Skinny, Tan, 1. 6 meters tall, 80 kg, brown high fade crew cut haircut, clean shave, green Kaibil uniform and bulletproof vest over it, Kaibil pants with black kneepads over them. Real Name: Ana Reyes Codename: Discordia Sex: Female Nationality: Colombia 1speed 3 armor AFUER Defense Weapons: Primary: Fara 83, Armsel Striker shotgun, Secondary: Optima. 50 cal Black Powder, Cop. 357, Gadget: Impact Grenade, Barbed wire Special ability: tripwire flash bangs, 3 of them, where when an attacker trips it they are immediately blinded with a custom-made flash bang which makes them completely blind and deaf for 7 seconds, and can affect multiple people at once, including teammates. Looks: Skinny, Exotic, 1. 72 meters tall, 76 kg, brown short hair laying around, grey tactical earmuffs, black bulletproof vest over a Kaibil uniform, Kaibil pants with black knee pads. OPERATION OASIS Briefing: Listen, team Rainbow. A train on the Bolan Pas in Pakistan has been hijacked by terrorists with hostages/bombs. Thats where you come in, along with the SSG, better known as the Black Storks. Real Name: Mohammed Khoury Code name: Dragonfly Sex: Male Nationality: Pakistan 1 speed 3 armor SSG Attack Weapons: Primary: Colt M4, HK G3. Secondary: Glock 19. Gadget: Flashbang, Claymore Special ability: You have 2 drones, dragonflies, who can fly around and drop up to 3 miniature bombs that, when they explode, deal 20 damage and cause dizziness. Looks: Black, something like the Wasp helmet, with the eyes blacked out, black storks bodysuit, black bulletproof vest Real Name: Alima Baten Code name: Nightmare Sex: Female Nationality: Pakistan 3 speed 1 armor SSG Defense Weapons: Primary: HK MP7, 12 BORE Repeater. Gadget: Nitro cell, Barbed wire. Special ability: hallucinogenic dart, a dart fired from a gauntlet (containing 4 darts) which, on hit, will cause the victim to hallucinate their allies as enemies, and have their screen shake violently, and turn their screen into a font of red (Team-killing under that spell will not cause problems. Looks: Golden" skin color, Black storks helmet with goggles and bandana around her neck, Black storks bodysuit, bulletproof vest. OPERATION HELLGATE Briefing: Listen here, Rainbow. Recently, terrorists have struck the opera house, with hostages/bombs. We cant let them get away with this. Do whatever means necessary, but stop those bombs/ save that hostage. We will send you in along with members of the SASR, Australias legendary troops. Get in there! Real name: Emily Taylor Codename: Danger Sex: Female Nationality: New Zealand 2 speed 2 armor NZSAS Attack Weapons: Primary: HK416, L1A1, Secondary: USP, Gadget: Claymore, Smoke Grenade. Special ability: Blackout (please submit a better name) a grenade that knocks out al lights, which to make it valuable at ALL, will automatically darken a 15 meter radius by 40% even if outside its sunny. Just for balancing. Yeah. She has 2 in total and they last 12 seconds. She also has night vision goggles which highlight enemies in light green, while allies will be highlighted white. Looks: brown bandana, black hair, night vision goggles over her head, SASR outfit, white gloves, black shoes. Real name: Noah Smith Codename: Chameleon Sex: Male Nationality: New Zealand 2 speed 2 armor NZSAS Defense Weapons: Primary: MP5, Remington Model 870 Secondary: USP, Gadget: Barbed wire, Nitro Cell Special ability: He can climb any wall and immediately gets mediocre camouflage, infinitely with a cool down of 8 seconds only starting when he gets off the wall, but he will only have access to his secondary and aiming will require you to pretty much fully expose yourself by hanging with one arm and both legs. Looks: “Sports” goggles, black ski mask, SASR uniform, black bag, red shoes. OPERATION LEVIATHAN Briefing: It seems that a house en la Colonia de Sacramento has been broken into and they are now holding hostages/bombs in there. They have already taken out many responding officers. Now youre going in there, along with the AFOU. Get in there. Real name: Gabriel Enrique Codename: Archangel Sex: Male Nationality: Colombia 3 speed 1 armor AFOU Attack Weapons: Primary: Ak-101, FN FAL, Secondary: Browning Hi-power, FMK-3, Gadget: breach charge, Flashbang. Special ability: Angel's Wings, a bo staff that acts as a different melee doing 80 damage, and when you press the aim button (saying that because Pc, Playstation, and Xbox exist) a shield extends from the bo staff that can take 400 damage before breaking. Looks: Tan, Black high fade quiff, Green face paint, Light beard, AFOU uniform, Green fingerless gloves, brown shoes. Real Name: Lucia Gonzales Codename: Lasér Sex: Female Nationality: Uruguay 1 speed 3 armor AFOU Defense Weapons: Primary: FN FAL, UMP Secondary: FMK-3, Browning Hi-power, Gadget: Deployable shield, Nitro Cell, Special ability: Lasers, 3 bulletproof cameras that automatically destroy attacker gadgets, destroying up to 5 gadgets before overheating and blowing up for 50 damage. Can manually self-destruct. Looks: Exotic, brown ponytailed hair, Green face paint, AFOU uniform, black gloves, black shoes, bulletproof armor.